I’m very pleased with the overall course!

I’m very pleased with the overall course!

I just graduated from Purdue University and I’m trying to get my feet under me as a financial analyst for a couple years before sliding over into a boutique PE firm.

My friend has a similar program through “breaking into wallstreet,” but I chose the Premium Package because WSP brand carries more weight with PE firms.

I spent two years as an associate in the real estate IBD at Goldman Sachs, and I’m now looking at more generalist PE shops. As such, I wanted a refresher on LBO models and valuation for other types of companies.

I got hired as a FT IB analyst after completing my BSc and with no previous financial experience

The WSP package had everything I wanted – LBO, transaction comps, three-statement modeling. While $499 isn’t cheap, I thought it seemed worth it compared to some real estate courses I have seen that run around $800 without the same amount of information. It has really boosted my confidence!

I found this course to be very useful, and I would certainly sign up for any more advanced fixed income courses you might offer!

I just switched back to capital markets after spending few years in corporate finance and wanted to refresh my fixed income knowledge

I bought this course to gain a better understanding of Excel’s capabilities before I go into grad school/full-time employment. The course gave me a full immersion into Excel for 39 dollars! It was pretty high value, and it has given me more confidence in interviews. (suite…)

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